Thursday, July 30, 2009

Quinceanera Cake

This beauty was made to serve 720 guests (generous servings, mind you). It was a gift from an aunt to her niece, and the aunt went all out!
The five-tier main cake is a custom Vanilla - Tres Leches (an original recipe) topped with lime-green buttercream frosting with royal frosting yellow and white flower.
The two round cakes that flanked the main cake were Chocolate - Tres Leches (again, and original recipe) with the same lime-green frosting and royal frosting flowers.

Simplicity is Style

This is actually a cake I helped a friend out with. She baked, frosted, and did the pearls. I assembled, pearled the seams, and topped the cake. The only difficulty with this cake was where the table was set up; the ground was uneven, so the table was sloping, and I was terrified the cake was going to slide off the table! It didn't (thankfully), but I couldn't get a good picture because of the angle of the table.